AI-Powered Strategic Planning for Non-Profits

StratSimple offers AI-driven strategic planning tailored for non-profits.

  • Streamline your planning process
  • Gather and summarize diverse feedback
  • Set clear, trackable goals effortlessly

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Screenshot of StratSimple showing KPIs and OKRs.
This is a real quote from a non-profit industry strategic planning pricing guide:

"THE RANGE YOU CAN EXPECT TO PAY [for a strategic plan] IS BETWEEN $20,000 AND $115,000"

That's crazy. And it's why we created StratSimple – to offer an affordable, high-quality alternative.
Discounted pricing for non-profits
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Expert Guidance


* plus applicable taxes, for when you need a little more help than DIY (generally less than 40 hours).
CEO / Executive Director coaching
Custom survey setup
Strategic offsite facilitation
OKR training

Why StratSimple?

Empowering Non-Profits to Change the World with Effective Planning.

Poor strategic planning takes many forms while good strategic planning always looks the same: bringing together the right people, asking the right questions, building consensus around clear goals, agreeing on the work needed to achieve the plan, and communicating that plan to everyone in the org.  

Reduce time & costs

StratSimple cuts the time and price of strategic planning in half (or more) by leveraging AI to automate planning preparation and help deliver strategic plans in as little as 8 weeks.

Inclusive Planning

AI assisted surveys and summarization allow you to affordably include diverse perspectives to build a plan that meets your organization's true needs.

Results-oriented goals

Nothing is worse than a strategic plan done every 3+ years that sits on a shelf unused - a good plan is about action with regular updates from your team for measurable results.

What Non-Profit leaders are saying

StratSimple strengthened our leadership team collaboration

"I would recommend StratSimple to any organization that wants to create alignment among team members and stakeholders on strategic priorities, and that wants to have a simple and clear method of measuring, tracking, and reporting progress."

Shannon Hayward
Chief Operating Officer,

At StratSimple, we understand that continuous improvement is key to success. That's why we actively seek feedback at the end of every strategic planning session. Below, you’ll find real comments from our anonymous post-planning surveys. They showcase the impact we've made in organizations like yours.

"The process worked so well and was collaborative and inclusive."
Strategic Planning Participant
"This is an effective tool for distilling the big picture into an actionable plan. I found it to be a terrific experience all around."
Strategic Planning Participant
"I learned strategic planning does not have to be a difficult process."
Strategic Planning Participant
"I appreciated how efficient the process was to hone in on specific goals and objectives. Very impressed overall."
Strategic Planning Participant

Key Benefits

Smart & Simple

Navigate strategic planning with confidence using our guided playbooks and best-practice templates. Even if it's your first time, our intuitive tools ensure you can achieve remarkable results quickly and effortlessly.

Inclusive Feedback

Change how you gather feedback. Use our AI-coached surveys with team members, clients, funders, board members and others. More voices means more diversity of thought, and better alignment with your organization's true needs.

Faster Planning Cycle

Speed up your planning process with AI coaching in survey interviews and real-time analytics. Our system lets you quickly outline key strategic goals. It helps you keep your plans current and focused. It ensures you’re always ready to adapt to changes.

Results Oriented

Focus your team on clear, achievable plans using our integrated Objectives and Key Results (OKR) and KPI tracking solution. Software to keep your key goals visible and actionable. It empowers your team to focus on what truly matters.

How StratSimple Works

Cutting-edge features for AI assisted planning

Our easy-to-use self-serve interface helps you gather input, prioritize what matters most, and track success.

AI-Guided Feedback Surveys

Interviewing stakeholders and summarizing the results has traditionally been one of the largest cost drivers for strategic planning. AI to the rescue - this is a big driver of how you can get quality results at an affordable price.

Goal Setting Coaching

Setting good goals is hard, and the deeper into an organization you go - the harder it gets.  StratSimple includes embedded coaching to help your team members set goals that actually move the needle.

Results Tracking Platform

Want to know the secret to executing a successful strategic plan?  Accountability & transparency.  A plan isn't meant to sit on a shelf. With our Objective & Key Result (OKR) tracking solution, your team keeps what is most important front of mind.

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"Strategy without execution is useless—
Execution without strategy is aimless."
-Morris Chang